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A wedding blog, with a twist?

Weddings are stressful, fun, but stressful. Well, I should say wedding planning is stressful.

When I got engaged this past summer I couldn't wait to get into all the details of dress shopping, banquet hall hunting and all that. When you first get the shiny ring on your finger everyone is so full of joy for you, but they don't bother to mention the checklists, bickering over guest lists and budget woes that follow.

After about two months of considering everyone else's thoughts and opinions before my own, I stopped. Mind you this wasn't the fault of anyone but myself. I tend to be a people pleaser so I wanted to make sure all of my loved ones visions of my wedding came true along with my own and well that just isn't doable.

So as I progress in my planning it's still a little stressful, but only because I can't make up my own mind -  not because I'm considering the entire Chapman and Van Yperen's families' thoughts.

Already in my planning I've come across some great tips for future brides, and have had some pretty funny moments, all of which are worth sharing.

For instance, when I threatened to not invite my groom to the reception because he refused to cut anyone from the guest list- I mean it's all about the bride anyway right?

Or when I came to the realization of just how much our wedding was going to cost. I sat on my living room floor in my pajamas wearing my newly purchased (and gorgeous) 4-inch wedding heels, drank a glass or two of pinot grigio, and ripped out every page of a wedding magazine that featured something I could not afford.

Not very product, but very relaxing.

Welcome to my blog. This should be an interesting experience.


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