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Allison leaves lasting impression on her family

Four brothers get tattoos in honor of their late sister

Published: Friday, April 6, 2012 7:00 a.m. CDT

Shortly after their sister passed away in October 2011, Allison Rivera's four brothers got tattoos in her memory.

Each brother chose his own tattoo to commemorate Allie, but they all placed them in the same spot on their chests, the left side, over their hearts.

"I am still taken back when I think of how Allison, my baby, touched (her brother's) lives and what she meant to them," said Allie's mom, Jeannie Rivera.

Bryan, 26, Allie's oldest brother, chose the word "Imagine" with a peace sign next to it. He also got her birthday, Sept., 19, 1993, tattooed, too.

Christopher, 21, decided to get Allie's "stick bear" doodle tattooed on his chest. The bear is surrounded by hearts, just as it was drawn in Allie's journal.

Joey, 20, picked a quote from Allie's writings that says "It's no lie that I love you a love that won't die."

Kevin, 20, Allie's step-brother, chose one of Allie's quotes as well, but placed it in a heart with wings wrapped around it. His quote says, "Don't think you recognize the girl in disguise."

Allie also had a step-sister, Kelsey, 16. Allie would have been 19 this September.

"I do know my daughter was blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in her life and, as her family, we are all so very thankful to everyone," Jeannie said.

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