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Bowman speaks after Blackhawks first-round exit

Most Blackhawks fans want general manager Stan Bowman on the next train out of town after the team has gone 0-for-2 in making the second round of the playoffs since he replaced Dale Tallon.

My patience is running a bit thin, though I think most Blackhawks fans understate the severity of the salary-cap nightmare Bowman walked into. Bowman's had plenty of misses and few hits in two years at the helm. Still, I think he'd look better if certainmembers of the core everyone wants him to keep together would show up in the playoffs.

Bowman talked to the media today, and there were a few interesting things to take from it. A few of the more intersting remarks he made, according to ESPN, are below.

"Our goaltending in general was not our strength."

"You don't rule anything in or out. We're always trying to improve our team." — regarding the possibility of acquiring another goalie, even with Corey Crawford and Ray Emery both under contract.

"Our team's best record, and it coincided with Patrick's best performance, was when he was in the middle. Patrick carried our team the last month or five weeks of the season. He kind of put us on his back and got us into the playoffs. He stepped up and was our No.1 center for all those weeks. ... I think the notion that he can't play center or isn't good at center has been dispelled. Not only did our team play well when he was in the middle, he played well. He had his most productive time when he was there." — on Patrick Kane at center, which is obviously something he favors at lot more than Joel Quenneville does.

And while everyone made a big deal out of the goaltending comments, the most interesting thing, to me, was what Bowman said about the power play. Assistant coach Mike Kitchen, who is largely responsible for the power play, could be a dead man walking.

"The results speak for themselves," Bowman said of the power play, according to ESPN. "They were a huge disappointment this year. It's unacceptable to have the caliber of players we have and not have it work. Ultimately we have to improve that."


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