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"Team Christina" makes me look good

My Save the Dates for my second reception went out a couple of weeks ago and I have to tell you for the 45 cents I spent on them, totally worth it!

When you are planning your wedding, it's very easy to get caught up in all of the neat, personalized things you can do.

There are aisle runners with significant dates in your relationship printed on them, dance floor decals with your names and wedding date, colored napkins with your initials -- you can even get a puzzle made featuring your engagement photo. The amount of items that are customizable for your wedding is amazing, and I want every single one.

But I cannot afford everything. So, I got creative. Well, in the case of my Save the Dates, my bridesmaid Trish Hedberg got creative.

When people received them in the mail I wanted them to know what it was right away and to be excited, but I didn't want to spend a fortune getting fancy labels or decorative envelopes.

My Trish came to the rescue and printed me "Soon to be Van Yperen" labels and suggested I get a "Mr. & Mrs." stamp, which she then customized by adding some of my wedding color with a crayon. In addition, she was the one who told me to look at Walmart.com for Save the Date cards.

She's so crafty, and boy does she make me look good! (See bottom left photo for an up-close picture of the envelopes).

As far as physically looking good, my dashing fiance of course looks handsome, and apparently I don't look half bad since I've been getting compliments from unusual people -- you know people other than my mom and dad who have to tell me I look beautiful.

I'd like to say I'm just naturally good looking, but those gorgeous pictures took the work of several people: my bridesmaid Amy Stevens, who came over bright and early to do my hair and makeup giving me those dramatic eyes; and my bridesmaid Rachel Russell, who is my fashion stylist, chose my awesome dress.

And of course my photographer and friend Sarah Peterson, owner of Dutch Girl Photography, deserves the bulk of the credit. Our engagement photo session was fun and relaxing, and the photos came out amazing. She captured moments we didn't even realize she was photographing and the pictures really show the love that we share.

When we got our pictures they took our breath away. Her talent is amazing.

Plus, she photoshopped out the bruise I had on my engagement ring hand. She's fantastic!

With just a few months left til our big day, I look forward to what other great ideas "Team Christina" helps me come up with. Because I tell you what, my wedding would be pretty plain without them!

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