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No Nutritious Delight in the DQ Dilly Bar

The other night my kids had a school fair where DQ Dilly Bars were being given out. I love DQ. And I love Dilly Bars – my dad used to take me to DQ as a little girl and this was one of my favorite treats.

My husband pointed out that it said it was made with reduced fat ice cream. I kept telling myself, it’s probably not that bad, especially compared to a Buster Bar, which is what I would really like to have.

I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutrition Facts label, but the dietitian in me made me do it. Here are the disturbing things I saw as I gasped in horror:

240 calories (with 135 calories coming from fat)

9g saturated fat (half or more of your day’s worth of sat fat!)

No wonder it tastes so good!

Stay tuned to find out about good and bad choices ice cream choices as we embark upon hot summer days and ice cold treats.


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