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Teague may be a steal, but Bulls still have issues

That the Bulls got a talent like Marquis Teague 29th overall in last night's NBA Draft makes me feel a bit better about their decision to stay pat.

The Bulls quite obviously weren't expecting Teague to be there when they were on the clock. The Chicago Tribune reports they didn't even work him out prior to the draft. Teague went 18th in Grantland's mock draft, and Chad Ford raved that he'd have been a top 10 pick had he stayed at Kentucky another year. Ford also opines that Teague "the requisite speed to run with the fastest point guards in the league." His biggest weakness is his shooting, but there are plenty of examples (Derrick Rose, for one) of quick guards learning that skill as their career progresses.

Considering the Bulls stayed pat, I love the pick. That doesn't necessarily mean them staying pat was the right move. I made the case the other day that trading Luol Deng for a lottery pick would make a lot of sense. It's possible the opportunity just wasn't there — there's talk that some teams (the Warriors for one) who were rumored to be interested in such a deal really weren't — but with Rose's health such a question mark, blowing up the roster now rather than waiting a year or two to do it anyway seemed to make a lot of sense. The Bulls are likely going to make only minor tweaks after staying at 29.


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