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A "funky" spin on response cards

My invites for my second wedding reception went out this week and they are already coming back in great number.

Rather than just including the "accepts" and "decline" lines we added some space and asked our guests to share a song request they would like to dance to.

I proudly admit this is a Pinterest find and one I was very excited about, except so far of the 15 responses I have received, only two have included songs. Special thanks to co-workers Lisa Pesavento and Jessica Cohea for following directions.

Lisa's response is the one in the corresponding photo with the request for the awesome late-1980s song "Funky Cold Medina." Which, after a recent birthday outing my co-workers learned how much of a fan I am of this funky song. So yes, I will be playing it at the wedding and I expect everyone to grace the dance floor with their presence for it.

With the world of the internet it is very easy to fall in-love with the amazing ideas brides have shared online through Pinterest, wedding blogs and wedding boards. I have stolen more than a few for my wedding, but the song request response card was the first to be executed.

I'm a little disappointed so far by the lack of song requests, but I am hoping those first-responders were just so excited to RSVP they simply missed the request.

The one thing I want most at my reception is a dance floor full of people so bring on your requests that are sure to have you kicking off your shoes and shaking your booty.

I'm even willing to play the loathed chicken dance if it'll bring you on the floor.


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