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Do I have cold feet?

As we get closer to the wedding, the questions have changed from "Did you get your dress?" or "What are your wedding colors?" to "Are you nervous to get married?" or "Do you have cold feet yet?"

The last two have become so common lately that I'm beginning to wonder if something is wrong with me for not having cold feet.

The other day a bridesmaid, who shall remain nameless, even mentioned to me, "I have to say it just so you know, but if at any time you feel like you don't want to do this, just tell me and we'll get the heck out of there." Very thoughtful on her part and God knows I have said this to many brides myself. But just to reassure everyone, this isn't necessary.

For one, I don't do things halfway. Once I'm in, I'm in. In fact, everyone I have ever dated, including my fiance, I have told not to break up with me unless they mean it. I don't do the on-again, off-again thing. At least not since I was 14.

Second, I have known Paul since I was 15. I've been in love with him for eight of the 14 years I've known him and in a relationship with him for the last six years. We've lived together for the last 5. It's safe to say there is very little we don't know about each other.

I love him and want to be his wife despite his tendency to be on the cheap side and his bad habit of sometimes talking without thinking first. And he wants to marry me even though I sometimes, but very rarely of course, fly off the handle and often leave the dirty dishes in the sink longer than he would like.

But that is love. Accepting each others faults, loving them anyway, and helping them to become better people.

The thought of uniting with the man who supports me for who I am does not make my feet cold, in fact it makes my heart race just like it did for our first kiss.

I can't wait to say my vows (in-between sobs) and for people to call me Mrs. Van Yperen.

The only reason my feet will get cold is if I decide to take off my shoes and run down the aisle to love of my life.


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