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Dempster's indecision could cost Cubs

Evidently Ryan Dempster's "list" of teams he would accept a trade to that he reportedly gave Theo Epstein was a list of one.

Atlanta was reportedly second on Dempster's wish list. The Cubs reportedly had a deal in place with those Braves Monday which would have netted Randall Delgado, who was widely ranked among the top several pitching prospects in baseball at the beginning of the season. All that was missing was Dempster's approval — and he reportedly refused to give it.

Look, Dempster has earned his 10-and-5 rights to veto any trade. He's also been very public about his supposed love for the Cubs organization. He'd also supposedly signed off on them being an acceptable destination. If that's true, then I think Cubs fans have every right to be upset with him, even if he's technically within his rights.

The Cubs had reportedly talked with Dempster's preferred choice, the Dodgers, extensively up until a couple of days ago. Things reportedly didn't work out because the Dodgers wanted more than a rental if they were going to give up anything of value. Delgado is certainly something of value; he's a lot more than I ever expected two months of Dempster to bring back. His star has probably fallen some since the beginning of the season, as he's gone 4-9 for the Braves with a 73-42 K-BB ratio in 91 2/3 innings, but he's 22. His future is still plenty bright.

Whether it's becacuse he felt "blindsided" or not, Dempster's hurt the Cubs through his unwillingness to accept a deal. If he never really told Epstein he'd be willing to go to Atlanta, then he's got every right to say no to whatever he wants. But if he did, I don't consider his actions something we have to respect with him being a 10-and-5 player. I consider them selfish and damaging to an organziation he supposedly loves.


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