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This wedding is going to be the death of me.

With all that is involved in planning a wedding, I often joke that "this wedding is going to be the death of me."

For a short time, I honestly thought it was!

Every eight weeks I give blood and have since I was a teenager. I consider it my duty since I have O- blood, which is accepted by all and therefore the blood banks are always in need of it.

In all my years doing this I have never had a reaction, but five hours after doing so last week I passed out, twice, and scared the crap out of my family enough that they called the paramedics. I ended up not going to the hospital that night, but the next day I felt dizzy again so to be safe I went to immediate care.

After three hours and several tests, the doctor sent me to the ER for further tests on my heart. It seems several EKG tests show that my heart has some sort of abnormality. Well, this ended up not being related to the passing out and so I was sent home with an order to see a cardiologist.

I went to the cardio doc today and I am happy to say I am fine. The abnormality is nothing to be concerned about, but I did get a lecture. Apparently my lifestyle changes in the past year have caused my already low blood pressure to become even lower, and this is what caused the fainting and dizzy spells.

By lifestyle changes I mean dieting, exercising and increasing my stress level by planning two weddings.

Don't get me wrong, I have not starved myself or spent morning, noon and night in the gym. I have just cut out bad food and moderately exercise, but apparently with the stress, it's enough to make my body a little off-balance. So much for my wedding diet!

All in all, I am fine and that is what is important, but I think it means something that in my 29 years of living I have never had a true emergency with my body until I was getting married! I broke my big toe once by dropping a bottle of wine on it, (don't worry the wine survived), but that is the extent of my injuries. Seriously, I've never broken an arm, had stitches or even an x-ray.

So when all of a sudden I'm getting numerous tests that I can't even pronounce done to me and doctors are concerned with my heart - it scared me a bit. Not enough to cancel my wedding and get married at the courthouse, but enough to have me going back to eating more than just salads.

If a heart abnormality gives me permission to have french fries again, I'll take it! Just 20 days left and it's not the death of me yet!

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