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Pasta without the carbs

Pasta is carb – that’s pretty much all there is to it.

With all the attention paid to the carbohydrate content of foods these days, whether it’s for diabetes management or for weight control, the search for a delicious low-carb pasta substitute continues.

Low-carb pasta options are limited but do exist. Here are a few if you are looking to try some.

NoOodle is a low-carb pasta product that I found at a diabetes education convention last year. It is made out of water and yam flour. The yam flour contains a soluble fiber called glucomannan which may help lower post-meal blood sugars, help you feel fuller, and potentially lower blood cholesterol levels.

The noodles come precooked and tend to take on the taste of whatever you are cooking them with. The product has next to nothing in terms of caloric value – no calories, no fat, no net carbs, no soy, and no gluten. And for the most part, all of these claims are true.

This product probably wouldn’t work as a replacement in spaghetti, but could very easily be incorporated into an Asian-style noodle dish.

Another similar product, Tofu Shiritaki noodles, is made by combining tofu with the yam flour. It also has a very low carb content (approximately 3g carb per serving), little or no calories, fat, or sodium.

I have had testimonies from patients that have tried this product stating that it is a tasty and practical pasta substitute.

If you are looking for improved blood sugar control, there is also the Dreamfield’s brand of pastas which incorporate a special fiber that may reduce the glycemic effect of the pasta up to 65%. It is a similar taste and texture to regular white pasta.

Because this is still a carb-based pasta, however, portions need to be controlled.

The recommended amount of pasta for a healthy meal would be about 1 cup.


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