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There have been a few surprises at Bears camp already

We're only a week away from football ... if you consider the Bears' preseason debut to be football.

I have no interest in watching exhibition games — or training camp practices, for that matter — but I'm really looking forward to this football season, and am following what's happening in Bourbonnais as closely as I can. Already, there have been a few happenings that I didn't expect.

JaMarcus Webb has (evidently) emerged as the favorite to start at left tackle. Chris Williams was supposed to line up with the first-teamers on the left side as he and Webb rotate days, according to the Chicago Tribune. He didn't. Williams went to what's supposed to be Gabe Carimi's side of the line, the right, instead.

I'll be honest. When I heard Williams and Webb were going to battle for the starting spot in camp, I thought Williams was a huge favorite to win the job. He's the former first rounder who made positive progress in 2011; Webb is a former seventh-rounder who stalled in his progression last season. The Bears  leaning towards Webb this early in camp is a shocker.

•  Shea McClellin looks like a bust ... and his debut is over a month away. I say that with a great deal of sarcasm, of course; a bad first few days of training camp doesn't doom a rookie to a disappointing career by any means. But when stories like this are all over the place, and when you hear about McClellin constantly being taken to the ground — not only by first-team linemen, but also by guys unlikely to even make the team — well, the news could certainly be better on the Bears' first-round pick.

•  Is James Brown the latest Bears find on the line? As sore a spot as the offensive line has been for the Bears, Webb and another projected starter, Lance Louis, have provided great value for where the Bears drafted/acquired them. They could have another such steal in James Brown, an undrafted rookie. Brown has been turning some heads thus far in Bourbonnais, leading to speculation that he could make the practice squad or even the 53-man roster.


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