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8 more days

This is a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day. My mother has the picture up as their wedding photo.

I always wondered why their faces were so serious and just assumed it was because someone took the picture when they weren't ready.

For the last year I've paid closer attention to people's wedding photos so I finally asked my mom about this picture. Turns out I was kind of right. They got married in city hall downtown and my mom says back then there used to be people on the streets downtown taking your picture all the time and then pressuring you to buy it. They were quite annoying, she said.

So the annoying street photogs got my grandparents and I'm sure because it was their wedding day they decided to actually buy it. Good thing since as far as I know, this is the only picture the family has of them from that day.

The thought that this is the only photo is a hard one for me to process since I know there will literally be hundreds if not thousands of my wedding day between the professional photographer, my family and my friends.

That makes me lucky, I know, but I wonder if I'll ever have the appreciation for the hundreds of photos as my mother has for this one of her parents.

They look so nervous, which is odd to me because of the few memories I have of my grandma and grandpa together, there was never any doubt about how much they loved each other. My grandpa died when I was pretty young so my memories are few, but the ones that I do have, they are always touching.

His arm around her, holding hands from their individual recliners, always touching.

My grandma died several years later so I have a few more distinct memories of her since I was older. I was still a child though so she never met my Paul. But I think she would have liked him.

She loved witnessing love and she would have liked seeing us together. Like her and her husband, Paul and I are often touching in one way or another.

Eight more days and I'll be a wife. I can't wait! And I'm looking forward to adding our wedding photo next to my grandparent's, all hundreds or thousands of them.


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