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Learning the art of gardening

Earlier this year I wrote about the community garden plot that a friend and myself are sharing this summer. I also wrote about the fact that I am a brown thumb and didn’t necessarily have a whole lot of confidence in my ability to grow anything.

Gardening is truly an art form. Some of the gardeners nearby us have created beautiful and bountiful crops. Their plots are organized both with purpose and beauty.

Our plot, on the other hand, looks like a garden of grass and prairie weeds.

The truth is, though, that stuff will grow no matter how poor of a gardener you are. As long as there is dirt and regular amounts of water, you should end up with something.

My zucchini and yellow squashes are coming in like crazy, I’ve had some of the most delicious cherry tomatoes from my plot, and cucumbers are coming in as well. There’s something really special about growing your own food, both to me and to my kids. Plus it saves a little bit in the grocery bill each week.

My gardening partner and I are considering this year just a part of the learning process. Next year our garden will totally be the garden of envy.


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