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Back to school breakfast ideas

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and research shows that kids who have breakfast do better in school. Ensure that your kids have healthy choices to start the day with:

Whole grain toast and peanut butter

Whole grain bagels and lowfat cream cheese

Whole grain cereal with fruit

Fresh fruit and yogurt

Eggs and whole grain toast

Cottage cheese and fresh fruit

Sandwich with lean lunchmeat

Instant oatmeal (plain) with cinnamon and raisins, applesauce, or fresh fruit

Whole grain waffles or pancakes with yogurt and fresh fruit

Wholegrain waffles with peanut butter

Smoothie made with yogurt and frozen, unsweetened fruit

In a hurry? Try these quick breakfasts:


Lean Pockets

Egg white breakfast sandwich (Marketday, JimmyDean, etc.)

Fruit and a lowfat cheese stick

Trail mix with nuts and dried fruit

Fresh fruit and a granola bar

Don’t forget drinks! Stick with water, lowfat white milk, or small servings of 100% fruit juice.


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