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Reducing the fat in your favorite baked goods

My garden has been producing massive amounts and sizes of zucchini.  I can only sauté so much zucchini for dinner each week, so I’ve been making lots of zucchini bread to share with family and friends.

For quick breads or most other baking recipes, you can generally reduce the fat content without it having a bad effect on the end product.  

Here are some ways to reduce the fat in your favorite baked goods:

In most recipes, you can usually use half the amount of fat that the recipe calls for.

If a recipe calls for solid fat such as butter or margarine, try substituting tub margarine (a non-hydrogenated version) or canola oil.  These products contain more of the healthy fats that may have heart health benefits.

Try using equal amounts of applesauce for fat.  If the recipe calls for 1 cup of oil, use 1 cup of applesauce. This keeps the product moist and adds extra sweetness.


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