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Portion control enforced in New York City

New York City is ahead of the game in forcing food companies to provide better food and beverage choices.

You may remember hearing about how the city banned the use of trans fats in restaurants. Most recently, they have enacted legislation that will cap the size of sweetened beverages sold in public eateries to 16 oz. This legislation will affect movie theaters, restaurants, and concession stands.

I, for one, agree whole-heartedly with this step and hope that Chicago will follow suit. American portions have grown to obnoxious sizes and far exceed the amounts of calories we truly need.

Having two young ones at home, my husband and I rarely get to the movies these days. The few times we do, we usually like to get something to drink. The smallest size soda at my local theater is 40 oz. If that were filled with regular soda, it would contain close to 600 calories.

Many people don’t agree with the idea of enforced legislation affecting our food choices. I believe that we have had plenty of chances to look out for our health on our own and have failed. The convenience and taste of restaurant foods and drinks are too easy and too tempting to pass up, and the companies making these choices available are willing to get more of our $$ at any cost.

Obesity and related diseases are a threat to our entire nation. Their complications cost our country millions each year. If we are not going to take responsibility for our health, someone (local, state or national government) has to step in and force us to make the right choice for ourselves, our children, and the overall health of our nation.


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