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A vision in blue

When I started this whole wedding planning thing, I knew one thing for sure. I didn't want my bridesmaids all in the same dress.

It's nothing against brides who choose to do that. It's just that my seven bridesmaids and one junior bridesmaid have such different personalities that I wanted them to be able to express them.

The other thing I knew for sure was that I wanted turquoise as one of my colors. Since my girls are from all over the state, I decided to keep it simple and ask them to get black cocktail dresses and dyeable shoes so I could dye the shoes the turquoise. I then told them to accent with the turquoise however they pleased.

As you can see from the picture, courtesy of my amazing photographer Sarah Peterson of Dutch Girl Photography, they had fun with it. There was turquoise jewelry, chunky necklaces, big hair accessories and even turquoise tulle under my cousin's dress. They were really able to show their personalities.

And the flowers were the perfect touch. They really popped with the shoes. Special thanks to my bestie and bridesmaid Amy who made all of the flowers, including the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonnière.

This turquoise was beautiful, but what a pain. Finding matching turquoise accents was a bit difficult, and at times made me a bit bridezillaish. But the day of, it really turned out to be the true vision I pictured.

The below picture shows part of our centerpieces, which contained blue flowers inside a vase full of water with a floating black candle.

My ceremony had turquoise paper lanterns hanging off the chairs lining the aisle and my flower girl threw turquoise petals onto a black runner. Our groomsmen also wore matching blue ties and the flower girls both wore all turquoise. My bridesmaid Rachel even glued blue and black little flowers to the candle lanterns that lined the bar at my reception.

It was still a very difficult color to work with and probably drove my bridesmaids crazy, but it looked darn good - thanks to all the help from my bridesmaids and mother. AKA "Team Bride."

Boy, do I owe a lot of favors.


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