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Idiots running NHL, NHLPA are likely to make it a long winter

I'm glad to know the NHL has its priorities in order.

The league is talking to the NHLPA again, but it can't be bothered to discuss trivial matters like, ya know, the core economic issues that are keeping hockey from being played. But hey, at least the league has time to worry about matters like this!

So yeah, as a hockey fan, I'm furious that Gary Bettman is still allowed to run the NHL into the ground. He and the owners are, in my mind, primarily responsible for the lockout that some people who know what they're talking about think could very well wipe out the entire season, and then some. But unlike most hockey fans, it seems, I'm not putting all of the blame on Bettman and the league.

In December of 2010, Donald Fehr was hired as head on the NHLPA. I hated the news, remembering how little it seemed to bother Fehr that a World Series was canceled under his watch when I was 11 years old. Less than two years later, here we are. Fehr isn't going to let the players cave as much as I feel they probably should, and he and Bettman are going to keep their staring contest going until irreperable harm is done to the sport.

Hopefully the Bears keep playing into January, and the Bulls are better than I think they'll be, because Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee — Bettman and Fehr — seem set on making this a long winter for hockey fans.


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