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President Obama must explain certain actions

Published: Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 5:00 a.m. CST

To the Editor:

I ask each of you readers to question President Obama on his motives for empowering himself in the following issues. These matters are very serious as they threaten our individual freedoms and the sovereignty of our country. Unfortunately, they have not been publicized in the mainstream news.

1. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 protects all of us from our own armies, supposedly preventing them from detaining, arresting and even killing us. However, earlier this year, the Obama Administration inserted two amendments (1021 and 1022) into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 that empowers the military to do just that if Obama suspects us of being terrorists or even merely belligerent toward the government. Unfortunately, Congress approved the act without removing those amendments, so we now have a law that is in clear violation of the Constitution.

2. Through two separate executive orders, the president has empowered himself to take control of all resources and communication in the country in the event of a catastrophe or an act of terrorism. The resources include food, energy, water and the production or processing of the same, as well as phone, Internet, radio and television. This is an unprecedented power grab on the part of any administration.

3. By signing the proposed Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST – an apt acronym), Obama would grant permission to foreign military under the U.N. to enter our waters and land on our shores if he calls on them. It would also have us give up control of our own waters if they connect somehow to the coast. That could conceivably include major waterways such as the Mississippi River, the Illinois River and the Great Lakes. Fortunately, the treaty was not called to a vote, but it could still happen if Obama is re-elected.

4. FEMA camps have been established under Obama’s administration and there are serious questions surrounding the intentions for those camps. We have been told that they are to house citizens in the event of catastrophes or terrorist attacks, but, if one looks at those camps carefully, they are clearly designed to keep people inside, not to protect them from outside attacks.

5. Knowing he does not have congressional support, Obama has remained quiet regarding new gun control laws. However, he and Secretary of State Clinton have been working with the U.N. to prepare for an agreement to ban small arms manufacture and sales in the U.S. and to impose gun registration. As with the Law of the Sea Treaty, this could come up for a vote in the Senate after the election.

After reviewing these actions, I’m not sure who the president considers terrorist any more —Islamic extremists or ordinary citizens who do not share his ideals.

Please contact Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Senator Dick Durbin and let them know that the president needs to answer to the American people about his motives for these actions.

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