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As two families become one . . .

Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, and as I watched him crawl around the floor for hours with my niece playing "kitty," I found myself being the most thankful for him.

This also reminded me of how bad I have been with my blog lately. It's been weeks and I apologize. Sometimes my work gets in the way of the fun part of my job!

Although Paul and I have been a couple for years, this is our first holiday as husband and wife (you can't really count Halloween) and the first time I felt my families are truly joined.

My nieces ran around calling my husband "Uncle" as they have for years, but I couldn't help but think, wow that's really true now. He's no longer just mine, but he belongs to my entire family now. He's not only my husband, but a son, brother, uncle, grandson and cousin.

My little chalkboard sign at my wedding ceremony stating "As two families become one...." rang in my head and warmed my heart as I remembered seeing our family and friends all mingling together as I walked down the aisle.

And tonight we will head out of town to visit my now "official" second mother in Kentucky, joining our families again. We will have another Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's side where I am sure to get all warm-hearted again spending time with even more people that I love and can now officially call family.

When you're with someone as long as I've been with Paul, you don't really think there will be moments of genuinely new feelings. But this feeling of unity is new. It makes me look forward to the new feelings I will get as we approach our first Christmas as husband and wife.


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