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Caution with low carb foods

It’s weight loss season – everyone has their New Year resolution set to take off the pounds they put on the previous year. There is no doubt that low carb diets can work well to take off weight quickly, partly due to loss of water weight as well as a reduction in overall daily calories.  

However, one thing to be cautious of is that low carb products are also out there to make money. Food companies are relying on the fact that you will assume that anything saying “Low Carb” on the packaging is automatically better for you and will help you lose weight.  

When carbs are removed from a food product, something has to be substituted to replace flavor and texture, usually that substitute is going to be fat, salt, or artificial and natural sweeteners. Unfortunately, many of the low carb products out there have extra saturated fat in them, which we know can raise cholesterol levels and contribute extra calories if eaten in excess.

Check out a label on low carb ice cream and you will see what I mean. The carbs are definitely lower, but look at the saturated fat content for ½ cup of ice cream (a very small scoop). Remember, too, that the recommended daily intake of saturated fat would be 15g or less per day.

Are you surprised by what you see?


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