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Three tips to make you a better bird hunter

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 9:50 a.m. CST

(MCT) — Bird hunting is not easy.

Every hunter makes mistakes and, although you’re never going to hit every bird, here are three tips to help you bring down your targets with ease.

1. Practice makes perfect

Before every hunt, you should buy 100 shotgun rounds and a box of clay pigeons. The rounds run $25 and a box of clays range between $7 and $10. You then should make your way to a shooting range, preferably with a friend. Your friend can serve as your clay pigeon thrower and hand throwers cost around $5.

An ideal shooting percentage is anywhere near or above 60 percent. Shooting clays is not only fun but it’s also invaluable training when you are on the hunt.

2. Keep your gun down

When hunting, you don’t rest your gun on your shoulder the entire time. Bird hunting is reactionary shooting, and you need to practice until it becomes second nature. When your friend is throwing the clays, don’t watch him. Keep your head down and when he throws the clay, pop your head up and try to hit the clay.

If you start hitting the clays with regularity, it’s time to mix things up. Have your friend start throwing the clays from behind you. If you never see the clays before they are thrown and still can shoot them, you’re well-prepared for the hunts.

3. Take your time

Bird hunting is not about who can pull the trigger the fastest; it’s about who actually can hit where they are aiming. Accuracy is the name of the game, so when you see that bird, you don’t have to be the first one shooting. Take that extra half-second and get your sights on the bird, then slowly squeeze the trigger.

If you spend the time and the money, you will become a tremendous shot and be able to hold your own against any hunter.

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