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Missing my bridesmaids

Some of bridesmaids, mom and aunt at my picture party to reunite my wedding party!

Attention "Friends" fans. Do you remember the one after Monica and Chandler get married and Monica is depressed that the wedding is over and she's no longer a bride?

Monica: "That’s right. I’m no longer a bride. I’ll never be a bride again. Now, I’m just someone’s wife!"

Well, I've been having some Monica moments lately. Not because I miss being the center of attention, and I definitely don't miss the stress of planning a wedding. But I do miss all the time with my bridesmaids and all the fun excursions.

There was wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, and jewelry shopping, dinners and drinks to let the bride vent about wedding drama, bachelorette parties, long nights of invite stuffing, favor making and seat assigning - all with my bridemaids by my side.

My seven bridesmaids are all family and my three-closest friends so even without getting married I did see them often. But through the whole wedding process, I saw all of them all the time and oh how I miss it!

So I came up with a way to get them all together again for another fun night at my house: a picture party! I received my wedding album recently so I invited them all over to see it, print pictures and help me decide which photos to display in my home.

And I got to use my "Bride" glass again! (Monica moment).

We giggled, gossiped and reminisced about the last year and decided that we would all get together again soon. Through the wedding planning I watched my family and friends get to know each other better and become more than just acquaintances through me, but friends with one another. They all were already such treasurers to me, now they are meaningful to each other.

A couple of my bridesmaids couldn't be there that day, but we missed them dearly and it's just another reason to get together again.

Now, I just have to pressure some of them to take the leap into marital bliss so we can have an excuse to do all that shopping again.


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