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It is time to make decision on Old Stage Road speed

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013 8:57 a.m. CST

(EDITOR’S NOTE -- Since this letter was received -- and as reported in the MDH on Saturday -- the city has since abandoned the idea of spending money for a survey and is, instead, floating a compromise speed limit of 30 mph.)

To the Editor:

The ongoing farce that is the Morris Street and Alley Committee’s back and forth over what to make the speed limit on Old Stage Road, is becoming an absolute embarrassment.

It seems as though the current members of that committee, especially the Chairman, Alderman Muffler, don’t want to upset anyone. But really, it is all very simple.

Speak to some concerned residents of the area, speak to the alderman of that ward, consult the chief of police, and do what you were elected to do:  Make an informed decision. A rather simple one at that.

This ridiculous back and forth, and now a potential compromise, does only one thing. It shines a very bright light on the dysfunction of a legislative body that is stacked with individuals who are worried about their own interests and aspirations.

You cannot take a position and expect to please everyone. You will upset a portion of people (who will get over it), you will please some, and a fair percentage truly doesn’t care one way or another. They will take notice, however, of their elected officials being unwilling, or worse yet, unable to make a decision. Make a decision.  Take a vote.  Move on to the next thing.

Alderman Muffler just left my house on Sunday afternoon, during a canvass of the neighborhood.

I appreciate his effort. Now, make a decision.

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