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Sweetheart Table vs. Head Table

Through the years I have been in a lot of weddings, from the flower girl to the maid of honor.

At all of these weddings I sat at a head table with the bride and groom and the entire wedding party as we all ate with a hundred people watching us.

Honestly, I never thought twice about this because it comes with the territory of being a bridesmaid. The only thing that ever bothered me about it was that my date would have to sit at a separate table with people he did not know.

My husband and I had seven wedding party members on each side, plus a junior bridesmaid, two flower girls and a ring bearer. That would be a giant head table. And our reception location was in a restaurant in Wisconsin that was not built to host a wedding and could not fit a large head table.

So as I flipped through wedding magazines for the entire year I was engaged, I came across an article on "Sweetheart Tables." This is a table for two - just the bride and groom, that is specially decorated for the couple and centrally located. This way guests can still see the married couple and tap their glasses to make them kiss over and over while their mouths are full.

This allowed for many things. My husband and I were able to spend our first meal as husband and wife privately and I got to show off my wedding colors more with unique decorations just for our table. Like a "Mr. and Mrs. PVY" banner, beautiful candle holders, and a "Love" decoration made by bridesmaid Amy.

In addition, my bridesmaids and groomsmen could sit with their significant others and their children and actually enjoy the event with their loved ones.

I truly feel the "Sweetheart Table" is a win-win for all involved and would highly recommend it for any bride, even those who have a big enough location for a head table.

Although your wedding day is about you and your husband, for much of it you are spending time with a lot of other people who deserve your attention since they are celebrating your big day with you. So why not take a half an hour to eat together, alone, and enjoy being husband and wife for a brief time during a crazy day.


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