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The Kale Chip Experiment

This week I made the baked kale chips according to an online recipe.     

The general consensus was that they did taste good.  If you struggle to eat vegetables in their natural form, adding some fat and salt will usually make them more enticing.  My kids liked them and probably ate more of them then my husband and I did.  

I baked the kale chips for the time recommended in the recipe, until the edges were browning.  They were pretty moist and never really reached a dry “chip” status in my opinion. It might be that I didn’t cook them long enough.   They were still moist the next day.  I was afraid they might go bad and ended up throwing some out.  

If you like salty foods, this recipe will definitely appeal to you.  The amount of seasoning salt it called for was a bit much I think.  Next time I would probably use less salt and less oil that what this recipe calls for, and try baking them a little longer.

If any of you out there have had success with kale chips and have some good ideas, send them to me so I can share with other readers.


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