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More kale chip advice

This past week I received another email about the Kale Chips. See the advice below from one of our readers, Lynn. Thank you for the continued interest in and input towards Real Nutrition.

It was about 15 years ago I picked up my first recipe for this, from the Chicago Trib. The results were less than ideal, although I totally enjoyed the satisfying, mineral-y taste. 

Most of the trouble seemed to stem (heh) from uneven baking. I learned to stay away from ruffled kale and choose the variety with the flattest leaves. Another important point is to make sure the kale is absolutely dry -- although I've noticed more recent recipes call for baking in a really low oven, which probably helps ensure dryness.

That first recipe also encouraged a little experimentation with a chip that is not as crisp, and I found I do like a chewier version.


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