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Government needs to get off backs of law-abiding citizens

Published: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 10:04 a.m. CST

To the Editor:

It seems we have far too many elected officials who want to rule over us rather than represent us. The same elected officials never let the facts get in the way of their agendas.

They need to stop trying to treat the sympton and, for once, start addressing the problem.

Weapons of themselves are not the problem. Law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. If everyone were law-abiding, there would be no need for police departments or prisons.

We have a people problem.

We have these crazies out there; we have these gangs that seem to operate at will, and we have these people that have no regard for you, your family, your property, or how many laws that are on the books.

Instead of taking the liberties and freedoms away from the law-abiding gun owners, why not take the liberties and freedoms away from the people that are the problem. That would be refreshing.

Why not take the problem people out of circulation with a 10- to 12-year prison term. Then the rest of us would be less victimized.

By the way, law-abiding gun owners do not have assault weapons, all of our weapons are defensive weapons.

P.S. Soft judges make hardened criminals.

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