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Already a bride, now a bridesmaid!

I'm sorry, I cannot get this photo to upload the right way. But tilt your head and you can read how my sister-in-law asked me to be in her wedding, so creative!

This summer will mark my one year anniversary with my husband, and it will also be the first wedding I get to be a part of since my own.

My sister-in-law and BFF Angie is marrying the love of her life Ryan. Their love story is one of my favorites so I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. They are two single parents who found each other after suffering much heart break between the two of them. And although they have been a family for several years now, the uniting of their lives officially, and getting to be a part of it, well it swells my heart.

Although it is now official since I married her brother, Angie has been a sister to me for years. She's dried my tears, told me to suck it up when necessary and more importantly, has made me a part of her family as her best friend and as an aunt to her children.

Angie taught me how to write my first check, grocery shop for something more than TV dinners, how to wash whites, clean my kitchen, how to put her brother (my husband) in his place, and these are just the things she's physically taught me how to do. This doesn't include her influence, such as witnessing her bravery in raising her children alone, or seeing what the true meaning of sacrifice is when it comes to what is best for her kids.

I'll never be able to teach her what she's taught me, but at least as a bridesmaid I can make her wedding planning a little bit easier. After all, I am kind of a pro now.

During my wedding I was offered plenty of advice, and a ton of opinions, and it's only natural to keep the cycle going and pass my knowledge on.

But hopefully, if she takes nothing else from me, she'll remember the one thing that it took several of my BFFs to pound into my head during my planning: It's your wedding. Follow your heart, follow your dream of that day.

In the end, all that matters is that your family will be complete with two simple words: "I do." 


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