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USDA tells school vending machines what they can sell

Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long for this to happen. Read this link to the AP story that discusses how starting in the 2014-2015 school year, the government is taking the junk out of the junk food vending machines in schools.

While some might argue that this is another example of the government taking its power too far, I disagree. The health of our nation, including that of our children, has been endangered by personal choices to consume massive amounts of junk food.

The obesity epidemic in American continues to grow (no pun intended), and it has become a societal concern – it’s right for the government and public health officials to get involved at this point. The more we allow people to continue to make poor choices affecting their health, the more we are all going to be affected by it.  

If the schools and the vending companies won’t take the reigns on this issue (which they haven’t yet done successfully), then I applaud the government for doing so.  

Making kids choose between an apple and the bag of M & M’s sitting next to it is not fair. Taking away the junk food option will force kids to make the better choice and to learn that healthy foods really aren’t so bad. 

I’m sure there are many out there who won’t agree with me on this one, but from the viewpoint of someone who has worked in healthcare for a decade, specifically in the field of nutrition, something needs to be done. If we’re not willing to make the right choices on our own, we need someone to force us in the right direction. 


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