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Finding the right product and sticking with it

Published: Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

This past weekend, I visited a friend where we had a little guy time playing darts and enjoying adult beverages. So, naturally, the conversation shifted to our preferences for soap.

I’m a Dove guy. Ron prefers to be Zestfully clean. Jeff favors Dial and Caress. Sounds like a manly conversation, doesn’t it? Perhaps surprisingly, men apparently have strong preferences when it comes to beauty bars.

I wonder if our choices stem from the brands our mothers bought or if wives are a bigger influence. But one thing is clear: Once a guy has a favorite soap, no other brand will do.

On occasion, we may try a new product but it would have to have a strong promise to alleviate some issue we are having such as dry skin or itchiness. But changing soap brands is a major deal.

I’m so stuck on Dove that I take a bar with me when I travel. Ron is the same way. Hotel soap will not do.

The objections to new brands fell into two categories – they either leave an icky film on one’s skin or they leave us scratching all day. When something works, you stick with it.

The conversation started when I told them I had entered an essay contest for Dove products. On a whim, I clicked on a link on Facebook and wrote a 100-word essay for a grand prize worth $65,000. The winner is selected from 10 finalists who are interviewed over the phone. I had my interview last week making me a finalist.

I’m not holding my breath on winning but wouldn’t it be nice. The last time I entered a contest like that, I won $1,000 worth of sporting goods for a charity of my choice. I think maybe I should enter more contests.

I think one key to winning is to believe in what you’re writing about. When I won the sporting goods prize, I had written about my Little League coach, Dave Lohr. I certainly believe in him. And I’m pretty stuck on Dove soap.

I guess I need to find other products I like and find contests for them. So, cigars, Lego blocks and Monical’s Pizza are at the top of the list. I have plenty of cigars and Lego’s, so if you’re listening, Monical’s, I’m looking for a contest.

• David Porter can be reached at ramblinman@ramblinman.us.

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