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Mulch - healthier plants, happier you

SPONSORED • Published: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:50 a.m. CST
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If you have a yard, you’ve probably heard about mulch - that stuff you spread on the ground around your plants.

Mulch not only makes your yard look nicer by choking out weeds, it also makes plants healthier by holding in moisture and preventing overheating.

There are several kinds of mulch, including leaves, tree bark, compost, newspaper and grass clippings. Tree mulch, such as pine, cypress or cedar comes in shredded or bark form. Bark lasts longer because it takes longer to decompose than shredded, but it supplies less in the way of nutrients for your plants. It’s good around established plants and areas you’ll likely be leaving alone.

If you use your own mulch or obtain it from someplace other than a nursery or garden shop, be certain it doesn’t contain weed seeds, or you could be laying down a new crop of weeds.

Grass clippings are generally abundant in your yard, but use dry grass, mixing it with other organic matter, like dry leaves, because laying down more than an inch of grass only can actually prevent moisture and oxygen from getting to your plants. A thick layer can also create excess heat and putrid decay - yuck. A 1-to-1 ratio or 2-to-1 ratio of wood chips, dry leaves or compost with grass clippings can prevent such problems.

Newspaper laid down in sheets is a popular choice for mulch because it blocks weeds and maintains cool temperatures, and, since it’s made from wood, it decomposes back into the soil. Make a layer of about a half dozen sheets and water them down to hold them in place.

For more information on mulching contact That Perennial Place, in Morris, at (815) 942 2235. Their experts can answer all your mulching questions. Their landscape services include applying the appropriate type of mulch for your soil and plants to create your beautiful yard or garden.

That Perennial Place | 1565 W. US Route 6, Morris, IL | (815) 942 2235 |

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