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Landscaping needs special care in summer heat with That Perennial Place in Morris, IL

SPONSORED • Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:06 a.m. CST

When summer hits Chicagoland, the heat index can wreak havoc on your landscaping.

While this summer has been a pretty rainy one, you need to be prepared for dry spells, which could come at any time. That’s when your landscaping needs extra care to look its best.

During those dry spells grass will go into a dormant stage and turn brown, and unless you want to end up with a dry, dead lawn, mow your grass at a high level, 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Fear not, it will return to its green color with sufficient rainfall,

To keep your plants from wilting give them a good soaking. A light sprinkling just won’t do. The water will just evaporate in the hot summer sun. And on that note, always make sure to water early in the day or later in the evening so your plants can soak up the water before it evaporates.

If you normally fertilize your lawn, don’t do it during the hot summer months. Save it for early fall, around September. Also, save the herbicides for cooler weather.

Another step to keep your landscaping looking good is to make sure you remove weeds before they produce seeds so you don’t end up inadvertently sewing a new crop of weeds for next year.

Don’t forget your potted plants! Plants in containers lose moisture far quicker than plants in the ground. Make sure you soak them, as well.

Mulch is essential during hot weather to help plants retain moisture and keep weeds at bay. Use commercial mulch, grass clippings or straw, even on potted plants.

If summer lawn care has you confused, the pros at That Perennial Place, in Morris, can take the confusion, and the work, out of keeping your landscaping beautiful all summer long, no matter what the weather.

That Perennial Place | 1565 W. US Route 6, Morris, IL | (815) 942 2235 |  thatperennialplace.com

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