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catsrule regarding Jeffrey K. Thorson
Jeffrey was a wonderful man. He was my boyfriend for 2 years and I don't think I will ever recover from this heartbreaking loss. Jeffrey was the kind of person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. Whenever anything needed to be done Jeffrey was the guy to do it. He was a wonderful storyteller and enjoyed meeting new people. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the memorial service but I will be there in spirit.
coalcityexpat regarding Investing in child care pays off
In the words of Hillary (Nim) Rodham Clinton - "It takes a village."
real one regarding Mail, debris from at least 100 miles away found in Grundy County after tornado
All over northern Grundy farm fields. Paper from Washington, Big pieces of steel and lots of small home parts. Was raining from sky
fattkaw regarding Mail, debris from at least 100 miles away found in Grundy County after tornado
over here in Romeoville we had roofing tar paper and foam insulation falling out of the clouds before the rain came. I have never seen that before..
Chris Ridenour regarding Tornado causes damage in Coal City area
Do they need volunteers to help?
Saratoga regarding Developer looking to take over Copper Springs Subdivision
The DRC is disappointing. Looking at Deer Ridge, Bristol Point and Rockwell Estates as examples of subdivisions/developments that went wrong; the common denominator is many on the committee are still occupying seats. Weak enforcement is another issue with building and zoning. Storm sewers, cookie-cutter lots, lack of walking/bike paths into the city, parks for kids, turn lanes getting off safely from Route 6 are all examples to name just a few. Look at Minooka developments for some bench marking ideas - these are asthetically easy on the eyes as well as well thought out developments.
Saratoga regarding Morris church celebrates 30 years serving Appalachia
Didn't notice the group picture attached at the bottom of the article - but the first pic' shows the 'boys' doing the work. Nonetheless, it was a group effort - no slight intended. Sorry for generalizing, I typically don't do that. Bottom line, it's refreshing to see young people involved in an obviously worthy cause of helping others in need.
Grundy1 regarding Morris church celebrates 30 years serving Appalachia
Saratoga - "good job boys"?? Notice there are a lot of girls in the picture, too!
Saratoga regarding Morris church celebrates 30 years serving Appalachia
Nice story - good job boys! Be proud of yourselves.
real one regarding Grundy County Board approves 2014 budget
The Dr. AKA JS. Is why we have problems. Illogical, mean Hat#ful, Spit$ful. I heard an O. winfrey interview today. She is right. For some of this to pass in life the life must run it's course and pass on. There is hope in the young. The Bigo%ed will never change. If you are over 50 you know that Government at all levels has become the only game in town. To work at the "big" employers puts one on welfare (fact) It is also clear by the Doctors posts that those paid by tax dollars want us to shut our mouths and keep our minds closed. They want want want. With out question. That is the problem.